March 08, 2006

Consumer acquisition & Brand Management

What does one have to do with the other ?
Well every business dreams to grow its consumer base. Last posting was about the fans.... Imagine a music band who would start to play every different style of music in a desperate attempt to increase album sales and reach out to more people... Well now you are with me... The likelihood of them upsetting their fans is high, their identity becomes confused, diluted... And the reverse effect happens they loose their public without really growing a new one. Its the same in business. The key is what does you business / your brand stand for ? Who are you ? What are your values ? What do consumers like you for ? Try to understand that first - because every brand / business has an image it projects ... Good or bad. You want to capitalize on that image, work on it, develop it, correct it. You also want to filter new ideas, new services, offers, through your existing consumer base to make sure there are no fundamental objections. Focus groups are great for that.
That's it for me today. Cheers.

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