March 11, 2006

The sales guys & Brand Strategy

Often I come across the same problem. Brand image is this fuzzy idea out there... But sales is what really counts... Yes ? Well this is part of the same thing... And I have been preaching this for years in all the companies I have worked for.
Ignoring this is a bit like running without direction, The legs without the head. The way you sell, the people you employ in sales, how you negotiate on price, your ability to add value to a deal, the kind of promotions you run, the corporate responsibility programs you run, the sponsorship deals you sign... Everything, it all speaks for you as one. It is your brand personality. An because it all comes down to people, it will be about who they want to work with and will impact their confidence in what you have to offer. So at the end it will impact very directly your business results. A brand is an asset. As I already highlighted before... That asset is sometimes worth everything.

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